Dealing With Sewer Cleaning In San Diego

byAlma Abell

Shower drains get clogged from time to time. As much as you might try to limit the amount of hair that goes down the grain, build-up is going to occur which will cause the flow of water to slow. Most of the time, the clog is only going to be a minor issue that can be taken care of with a drain cleaning liquid from your local store. Once you use the liquid, the drain clears up, and the problem will disappear. Of course, there are other times where the build-up is just too much for the drain cleaning liquid to handle. It isn’t just that there is a ball of hair blocking the water; it is that there is so much build-up in the drain that dislodging said hair won’t do the job. For these types of situations, you need to call out professionals who specialize in Sewer Cleaning in San Diego.

While there are some clogs that occur near the mouth of the drain, there are other issues that occur further down in the system. When you use soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and other items that create soap scum, you are going to get a build-up on the sides of the pipes, as the scum mixes with dirt before it hardens. If you are dealing with build-up further down in the system, drain cleaning liquid is not going to help. The only thing that will do the job is a professional who has the tools, and the know-how, to do a high-pressure Sewer Cleaning in San Diego to make sure that everything that is clinging to the sides of the piping is flushed away.

Not every plumber is going to be able to do a pressurized sewer cleaning. If you keep getting clogs, and the situation seems to be getting worse, you need to call out a professional who has plenty of experience with sewer cleanings. For this type of job, you need to call out someone like Ken London.

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