Basic Penny Auction Tips

Submitted by: Mike Gates

People prefer penny auction sites as it gives them great saving. You can purchase products 70% to 90% lesser than MSRP through penny auction sites. How to get started with penny auction sites? Follow the basic tips if you are a beginner to this web world.

1] Never sign up with the penny auction sites where experienced people participate. Also do not bid for big ticket products like iPad, HDTV or laptop if you are a newbie. Sites like Swapoo and BidCactus look extremely good buy here you will have to face the experienced bidders fondly called as power bidders . These people can easily outbid you, as they are least bother in spending funds. They don t mind in purchasing a product for higher rates and their only motto is to outbid the opponent.

2] In the initial stage you can try for products like gift cards and bid packs. Very few people compete for these products that costs lesser and you have 90% chance of winning the bid.

3] Your chances of winning the bid in auction sites is more, if you try the new penny auction sites. You have hundreds of penny auction sites and even some new sites are genuine and reliable. But, before taking the membership, check their authenticity and make sure that the site has obtained SSL Certificate.

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4] Some auction sites offer free bids when you signup with them. Do not spend them immediately and use them only when you purchase bid packs. Users who tried their luck with freebies have been successful in winning the bid.

5] Never place your bids in advance, as you will be easily outbid by others. Most of the bid winners wait for last minute. So, bidding some minutes before the auction increases your chances of winning the bid.

6] Do not bid early thinking that only few users have bid on a particular product. It looks only 10 bidders have placed their bid but more than 30 will be waiting for the last minute to place their bid. These experienced people can outbid you easily.

7] Choose low cost items where the competition is slightly less. When competition is low, you can positively win the bid. Always stick to a single item and place your bid. Do not jump on one product to another. This confusion may lead to loss.

8] Some penny auction sites follow savvy bidding which is also called bid protection. Here you will pay little more for your bids but you are assured for any gift card or extra bids. You can also purchase additional bids apart from the bid protection and use them at any time.

9] If any of your friend or relative is willing to join in penny auction sites, ask them to sign up through your reference. When you refer someone, you will get free bids.

10] Never spend more than the amount that you are willing to lose. Wait for the right time to bid and win the auction.

The above penny auction tips are sure to help the newbie and the experienced users.

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