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Chemistry Analyzer Is it Worth Buying?

Different types of lab equipment are required to modernize a medical or chemistry laboratory. Among them, a chemistry analyzer plays a significant role as it can be utilized for a number of purposes. The device is commonly used to diagnose kidney disease, HIV, hepatitis, STDs, rubella, congenital disease, diabetes, fertility, endocrine functions, cancer, transplant, thyroid and heart diseases. Testing is done by determining activities and actions of proteins, enzymes, lipids, carbohydrates and electrolytes taken from bodily fluids.

Reliability, precise performance, low maintenance and simplified operation are some qualities that make a chemistry analyzer a much sought after lab equipment. However, finding the perfect chemistry analyzer to offer excellent throughput and safety is important.

Criteria to Find the Perfect Chemistry Analyze

Due to the essentiality of the product, renowned medical laboratory equipment and chemistry lab equipment manufacturers provide chemistry analyzers with a wide range of features. Alfa Wassermann, Roche Diagnostics, Awareness Technology, Beckman, Roche Hitachi and Bayer are some of the renowned manufacturers that supply popular models of chemistry analyzers. To select the best lab equipment for your need, it is necessary to understand the unique qualities of the product. Let us list out some standards that should help to identify a perfect chemistry analyzer.

Choose a branded product with adequate warranty and low maintenance cost

Check whether the product offers random access with automatic features

Analyze the productivity, capacity and workflow competence

Consider whether the particular chemistry analyzer is easy to use with simple guidelines

Check the safety features including closed tube sampling and aliquoting

Always select chemistry analyzers that offer multiple tests at a time, primary tube sampling and dual clot detection

Examine whether the product has facilities to execute STAT and routine immunoassays simultaneously

Ensure the availability of precise results in quick turnaround times

At all times, examine equipment features and specifications such as operator control panel, sensors and detectors, dispense station, reaction chamber, software modules, printer, interface and screen

Find details regarding specimen dilution, pretreatment, test menu, unit dose test cup reagent facility and programmed reflex testing

Check the functionalities to monitor and repair chemistry analyzers in accordance with preset modes automatically

Select a chemistry analyzer which provides 600 photometric tests in an hour and at the same time, having an option to access the first result within a few minutes

Go for a chemistry analyzer that delivers assay methodology involving one-step and two-step sandwich and effective FEIA dilution capabilities

Make sure about the refrigerated storage capacity of reagent containers

Confirm the compatibility and capabilities of the product to make a profitable purchase

Where to Buy a Seamlessly Functioning Chemistry Analyze

Opt for the service of an established laboratory equipment supplier, to purchase fully automatic random access chemistry analyzers with advanced features. Such a dealer will help you select the chemistry analyzer that suits your specifications and budget. Moreover, you will be assured quality after sales service, prompt delivery of spare parts, extended warranty, affordable price tag and great customer care. Thus, always be alert when looking for the perfect chemistry analyzer to make a good investment.

About the Author: Block Scientific is a worldwide laboratory equipment supplier, offering quality and reliable products required for your laboratory applications. Our guarantee of quality, value, service, and selection has made us the industry leader in recertified equipment.


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