Thursday, November 23, 2006

As of 9 am this morning, flaring is still being carried out by ExxonMobil at Jurong Island, Singapore.

This is the 3rd day flaring works are being carried out by the company to burn off excess fuel from the refinery plant.

The flame, according to Ms Eva Ho, Communications Manager of ExxonMobil, is dying. ExxonMobil wishes to assure members of the public that no health risk is posed as water and carbon dioxide are produced as a result of the flaring.

Meng Yew Choong, Assistant Director of Corporate Communication at the National Environment Agency also clarifies:

“The hydrocarbon gases are burnt safely into water vapour and carbon dioxide, both harmless gases. Hence, there are no health concerns.”

Regular STOMP contributor Mike Muk shot a video of the flaring as well and he sent it in to Stomp.

STOMPer NZSheep also sent a picture to a website, offering the closest look of the flaring activity, taken just outside the security fences surrounding Jurong Island.